Union Symbol

The set union symbol, also called the cup symbol, represents the union operator in set theory. For example, the union of the two sets A and B is represented as: A \cup BA∪B This would be said as the union of A and B. Symbol Format Data ∪ Unicode 8746 ∪ TeX \cup SVG Download … Read more Union Symbol

Cap Symbol

The cap symbol is used in mathematics as the set intersection operator. It also is used in probability to represent the occurence of two events. Typically, it is used in an expression like this: A \cap BA∩B In plain language, this means the intersection of the sets AA and BB. Shown below are various formats for the cap symbol. … Read more Cap Symbol

Set of Complex Numbers Symbol

The set of complex numbers is represented by the Latin capital letter C presented with a double-struck font face. The set of complex numbers extends the set real numbers and is visualized in the complex plane. Symbol Format Data ℂ Unicode 8450 C TeX \cnums SVG Download ↓ All Symbols

Set of Rational Numbers Symbol

The set of rational numbers is denoted with the Latin Capital letter Q presented in a double-struck type face. It is part of a family of symbols, presented with a double-struck type face, that represent the number sets used as a basis for mathematics. Symbol Format Data ℚ Unicode 8474 Q TeX \mathbb{Q} SVG Download ↓ All Symbols